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Breast Cancer


Self Breast Exam Instructions


"Tell them to NEVER IGNORE any signs!

My underarm ITCHED like I had a bad rash and I had sharp pains. Another thing is mine didn’t feel like a lump, it felt like a piece of rice up under my skin so I almost ignored it."

Tamara Edwards


"As I laid in bed on my left side, I felt discomfort. I began to do a breast exam on myself and hit a discomforting area. It felt like a golf ball. LADIES, don't second guess yourself. Get checked out. Early detection will save your life.


Sandra Brooks



    Health Information


Everyday Rituals

  • Wash your hands
  • Boost your immune system
  • Eat 5 different color fruit and vegetables a day
  • Cut fast foods, and processed foods
  • Exercise for 30 minutes a day (walk, ride a bike, watch and participate in an exercise video)
  • Care for your emotional health
  • Use resources if you need them
  • Disaster Stress Helpline
1-800-9855990 or
text Talkwithus to 66747
Suicide lifeline
Domestic Violence Hotline




"Cancer does not discriminate Men can get breast cancer too.  When I felt a lump in my chest, I went to get it checked out. Mammograms are not only for Women but Men too.

My lump was benign (negative for cancer).  Early detection is the key"

Willie Garner

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Our mission is to provide community-based health education and screenings to individuals by merging science and the arts. Studies have shown that integrating health and arts impacts physical and mental health.


Dr. Cobbs is working with Phyllis Emelda & Company to integrate health and beauty training for fashion enthusiasts. She is also the Executive/Artistic Director for Christmas with Soul at the Empress Theatre in Vallejo, California (for tickets, click here Events)


Our purpose is to promote healthy living awareness to empower individuals to engage in healthy lifestyles, health education, prevention, and healthcare maintenance.




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